Past Concerts

2015 – 14 Concerts

Tuesday 13 December at 4pm at La Loingtaine

Concert de Trio à Cordes
Tim Summers, violon
Tomoko Akasaka, alto
Raphael Bell, violoncelle
(Trio de Beethoven et Schnittke)

Beethoven and Schnittke

Saturday 7 November at 6:30pm at the Trinity Chapel

Concert de la Camerata La Loingtaine

(Programme: Schubert “Death and the maiden” and other pieces)

Wednesday 4 November at 7pm at La Loingtaine

Concert de Musique de Chambre (Camerata La Loingtaine)

La Loingtaine organises 3rd Session of Autumn Academy of String Orchestra, 31 October to 8 November 2015

Sunday 18 October at 5pm Trio La Loingtaine Concert

Aki Saulière, violin
Raphael Bell, cello
Mimi Solomon, piano
Sonate – Rachmaninov pour violoncelle et piano
Trio – Brahms

Saturday 15 August at 6:30pm

Concert of Camerata La Loingtaine at Fontainebleau Palace (Trinity Chapel)

Thursday 13 August at 5pm 

Concert of Academy students at La Loingtaine

Sunday 7 June at 5pm – Special Concert

Felicitas Fuchs, soprano
Li-Wei Qin, cello
Bernard Lanskey, piano


Schubert – Sonate Sonate Arpeggione for cello and piano
Schultz – Paradise (pour soprano, cello and piano)

World first performance with the presence of Andrew Schultz
Strauss- Morgen,Beim
SchlagengehenIm Abendrot

Schubert, Schultz

10th Anniversary of La Loingtaine – Sunday 10 May 2015 at 5pm – Concert

Aki Saulière, violin
Bernard Lanskey, piano

(Janacek, Beethoven and Bach)