Association Schubertiades

Association Schubertiades

The Schubertiades Association was created in 2005 (Law 1901) with the project of making La Loingtaine – an old farmhouse from the end of the 18th century, restored at the beginning of the last century – a living place, mainly through music, but also open to other arts.

A barn transformed into a concert hall, a music room where musicians have the opportunity to express themselves in their usual training and to discover others.

Regular concerts throughout the year are organized by the Association, which allow the public of Seine et Marne to discover young artists, little-known artists or foreign artists who do not have the opportunity to perform in France.

An educational space for children, students, amateurs and professionals.

A house to welcome musicians from other countries, allow meetings and reunions, and share with the public these special moments.

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