Why this new site

Why do we need a new site?

Our music programme at La Loingtaine commenced in 2005 with a series of chamber music concerts and the establishment of the La Loingtaine Summer Academy of Chamber Music. Then as now, music stays as the core of the La Loingtaine programme, essential to our purpose.


However, over these 15 years, our field of activities has widened and continues to evolve. Time has come to reflect how our music programme has given rise to a growing diversity and complexity and a greater richness of ideas and cultural appreciation in our activities.


At this stage, we find that the continued evolution of our programme will be better underpinned by adopting the status of institute for La Loingtaine. The La Loingtaine Institute’s general objective will be to promote culture and the natural environment as a means of human development, inspired not to a small degree by the philosophy expressed by Edgar Faure in the seminal report Learning to Be (1972).


The intellectual development of our activities is to a great extent a result of inputs and ideas coming from the community that over the years has emerged around our programme. Hence it is a core tenet of La Loingtaine to be open and inviting towards new ideas and knowledge – as hopefully also reflected by the ‘image’ of La Loingtaine rendered in this new site. The architecture of the new site is intended to underpin such openness and innovation.


We invite you to click on each section to learn about our new site design and our new programme activities.  Enjoy!