La Loingtaine


Renovated at the beginning of the last century, La Loingtaine is an old 18th century farmhouse close to the forest of Fontainebleau. The Domaine holds a charming main house and a large garden or park giving the place its special atmosphere. The Loing river, where many swans and ducks have taken up residence, flows peacefully at the edge of the park, and the old trees and squirrels add to the place’s inviting and bucolic character.

Close to Paris yet far from its large concert halls and its customs, the warm setting of La Loingtaine encourages both contemplation and creation. Since 2005, the place has lived mainly through music. However, we want to give the opportunity also to other artists and specialists to perform here, to rest here, to reflect and create, to teach here, and at times to learn. We have thus widened the field of activities to cover a wider range of topics.

La Loingtaine welcomes all those who share our interest in intercultural dialogue and who have a passion for sharing their knowledge and experience. Notably however, La Loingtaine is not a school, nor a research centre with dedicated funds/budgets, but a borderless space that opens itself to important and interesting activities in collaboration with different actors.