Transmission of musical skills and knowledge




One of La Loingtaine’s priorities is to allow musicians of all levels and all ages to deepen their musical education, benefiting from what the musicians/teachers at La Loingtaine have learned from the great masters, some of whom have passed away. This transmission, aimed at students and young professionals, takes place throughout the year through academies, master classes, and workshops.


Young musicians are increasingly in need of post-graduate learning.  After five years of study, they are often not ready for the professional life. Their studies have focused on producing good instrumentalists, but young musicians often demonstrate a big difference between “technique” and “musical maturity”. They need the experience of playing with others, the cultivation of an entrepreneurial spirit, and wider musical knowledge. While students dream of “finishing” their studies, they often feel “lost” when faced with the challenge of starting their careers. Young musicians therefore often seek private lessons and guidance before auditions or competitions. What they lack the most, however, is the experience of playing in public and being part of a group, a particularly important experience.


For this purpose, they need a place where they can come, for example once a month, to play with one or more accomplished musician(s) in front of a qualified audience. This way, students learn not only from the teacher and from playing in public, but also from the interaction with other musicians of different backgrounds. In addition, they have opportunity to deepen their knowledge of music as a practice and as a culture, which they rarely have the time to do in more traditional music classes.


Rather than focusing on solo works, our programs allow young musicians to progress through the practice of chamber music in a small group. Sharing meals with other musicians, attending concerts together and listening to music in a peaceful environment stimulate the ears of the musician and promote a greater awareness of musical interpretation choices.


Offering the opportunity to become part of a small chamber music ensemble, our postgraduate programmes (masterclasses) allow young musicians an enriching and invigorating experience that allows them to find and develop their own musical identity. Young musicians acquire a sense of belonging, essential for their musical development and to their preparation for the work that they will have to pursue throughout their lives as artists.


The environment and the community of La Loingtaine further promote the musical development of students by offering a privileged space where they have time for reflection.