Who are we?

Who are we then?


The Domaine La Loingtaine includes a dwelling house, several small apartments, a concert hall, and a park shaded by ancient trees on the edge of the river Loing. A centre for concerts and other musical and artistic activities since 2005, La Loingtaine has also become a place of retreat and regeneration for many people.


Three main activities structure life at the La Loingtaine:


  • The design and production of musical programs under the direction of Aki Saulière and Raphael Bell, themselves brilliant instrumentalists;
  • Research and development of new programs and communication, led by Masako Saulière;
  • Accommodation for musicians and artists at the Domaine (owned by Claude Saulière).

Music first


The Association Schubertiades was created in 2005 to organize at La Loingtaine a chamber music concert programme of an exceedingly high quality, which at the same time would provide the artists possibilities for extended rehearsal and personal professional development in a relaxing and nurturing atmosphere.


Over the years a group of ‘resident artists’ emerged, which has been essential in what we like to see as the identity of La Loingtaine’s programme. Similarly, individuals have very generously given of their time and skills to support our programme over these years.


The concert programme is aimed at a wide and diverse audience counting engineers, teachers, academics, scientists, philosophers, painters, writers, architects, gardeners, and high schools students, who are all involved to various degrees in the activities of the La Loingtaine.


Since 2005, we have organized more than 200 concerts and have implemented regular musical training activities every year. Over the last 15 years, our field of activities has widened and it continues to evolve, giving rise to a growing complexity and a greater richness of ideas and cultural appreciation in our activities.