La Loingtaine ideas forum

La loingtaine ideas forum  


La Loingtaine seeks to broaden our horizons by inviting our friends to share ideas, knowledge, experience, and discoveries acquired in professional or daily life. If you have something you want to share or bring up for discussion, please write a brief proposal to us ([email protected]) presenting your subject and idea. You may propose a conference, a workshop, an exhibition, or another form of exchange of ideas. We do not operate with a prescribed format, and the events can be free and informal.


All proposals will be examined by a committee, which will consider the relevance of your proposal, and the best way to communicate your idea to reach the widest possible audience within the framework of La Loingtaine’s new activities. The ensuing event will then be organized in close collaboration with you.


We hope that this initiative will cultivate a strong sense of community based on kindness, trust, and open-mindedness.