Masterclasses (3rd Cycle)

Masterclasses (3rd cycle)

(Under direction of Aki Saulière)

Throughout the year, La Loingtaine organizes masterclasses intended specifically for conservatory students and young musicians, whether professional or not, that allow the students to work in depth on musical pieces chosen by themselves. The masterclasses are open so that all the participants can attend the lessons of others and the classes encourage the students to work together on chamber music and perform for an audience.

The best way to develop the experience and capacity need to be a competent participant of a musical ensemble is to offer a space where young musicians can come, for example once a month, to play with an experienced musician and for a limited audience. In this context, students can learn by listening to other musicians and to courses they do not have time to pay attention to during their formal studies. In addition, the students get an opportunity for developing a broader knowledge of music and culture, which traditional courses, again, do not allow due to the lack of time within prescribed curricula.

Rather than focusing on solo works, our programmes allow young musicians to progress in the performance of chamber music and in small ensembles. Sharing meals with other musicians, watching concerts, or listening to music together in a peaceful environment stimulate the development of the musician’s ear and the discovery of interpretation choices made by other musicians.

Our postgraduate programs allow young musicians to benefit from the dynamics of sharing and group experimentation, and thus to develop their own musical identity. Young musicians will acquire a sense of belonging, vital for their musical development and their careers.

La Loingtaine thus offers a unique musical experience and a unique life experience in an exceptional setting.




July 15 – 18 2024