Music is, arguably, the most emotive expressions of intangible culture, bringing us endless pleasure and inspiration. It is said that “if music is so dear to us, it is because it is the most intimate expression of the soul”  (Romain Rolland) and because “music establishes harmony between man and time” (Stravinsky). One might say that music is the eternal voice of the soul and the heart.

La Loingtaine has become synonymous with a unique concert programme, inseparable from the place. Hence since its inception in 2006, the La Loingtaine chamber music concert programme is the core activity and the foundation of the La Loingtaine identity.

The shared directorship and dedication of Aki Saulière and Raphael Bell, themselves great performers, have attracted high-level international instrumentalists for the programme. In parallel, the choice of musicians, the programmes, and high-quality performances, have attracted an ever-growing audience. Apart from a few great performers such as Renaud Capuçon, who played at La Loingtaine in 2006 and 2007, the musicians are not all known in France and they only perform together at La Loingtaine.

A core group among these musicians have earned the position as resident artists at La Loingtaine. Their continued involvement in the concerts have contributed to shape the musical profile of our programme and the continuity has allowed for artistic growth and development – for musicians and audience alike.

After each concert, the audience shares tea and small treats giving them a chance to connect with each other and with the musicians – creating a friendly and friendly bond between the audience and musicians. 

After the lifting of the initial COVID19 confinement during the spring of 2020, we initiated a cycle of open-air concerts for a smaller group of invited music lovers. We are planning to develop this concept further in the coming months.