The La Loingtaine Virtual Library Project

La Loingtaine Virtual Library Project


The idea of creating a virtual library was born from the conviction that La Loingtaine, with its specific identity, could usefully house a specialized library. But as a physical library would only be accessible to a limited number of people, it appears that a digital library would be the best way to reach a wider audience while strengthening the feeling of community around La Loingtaine.


Hence the virtual library is essentially a selection of books that are recommended for our readers – represented in the library in the form of a review or an annotated bibliography. In other words: an annotated bibliography of books that already are published that we consider important to know.


A starting point for the virtual library project will be the collection of UNESCO publications and documents, which is a little-known repository of interesting and often extraordinary information. Qua our involvement with the Kyoto Institute for Advanced Future Studies we are also planning to feature a collection of books on science, ecology, and nature. 


The virtual library is a new project and we would like to see it as an on-going activity that the La Loingtaine community will be part of creating by suggesting the addition of books of their own choice and by contributing reviews and bibliographic information (title, author, publisher – name and nationality – year of publication and ISBN number if possible).