Science, culture and nature: Fontainebleau dialogues


La Loingtaine Institute of Advanced Future Studies: Science, culture, and ideas for the future 


Following the  of the adoption of The Kyoto Protocol, an international treaty, which extends the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the International Research Unit for Advanced Future Studies (IRU-AFS) was created in 2015 to stimulate multidisciplinary collaboration and research at Kyoto University. The research activities of the Unit’s ‘New Integrated Sciences Project’ involved 15 separate institutes from Kyoto University as well as a wide range of Asian scholars. Based on emerging principles for the governance of living organisms, materials, mind, human societies, education, and economics, this multi-disciplinary collaboration aims to lead intellectual adventures to change the paradigm for arriving at universal laws, and to guide our future through new research disciplines.


La Loingtaine has accepted the invitation of the University of Kyoto to serve as a forum for dialogue related to these research activities, – especially in terms of the promotion of paradigm shifts related to the exploration of universal laws and emerging principles for the governance of living organisms and the surrounding world. The activities planned in this respect at La Loingtaine will aim to contribute to such paradigm shifts by including the cultural dimension of human existence and nature into the research agenda. Moreover, by providing space and opportunities for dialogue and networking for a wider range of scientists, La Loingtaine will contribute to the creation of a European arm of the international network of scientists created by the New Integrated Sciences Project at Kyoto University.