PROPELLOR PROJECT for children –

 Under the direction of Yuko Mori with the assistance of Aki Saulière et Tamako Azuma

The Propeller Project in France for children aged 6-11 is part of an educational programme created in 2013 by Yuko Mori, violinist and teacher.


Yuko Mori’s pedagogical approach is unique – drawing on her complex experience working as a teacher in such diverse environments as France, Japan, and the United States. This exposure has allowed her to develop a highly personal approach to teaching focusing on the individuality of each child (personality, instrumental competence, listening capacity etc.). The openness of the approach was born out of our belief that contact with another culture opens children to other ideas and thoughts.


Since 2013, more than 300 children have participated in this project in Kyoto, Japan. Most of the children came from small towns and villages far from the city of Kyoto.


The Propeller project aims more than anything to cultivate the ability of the children to think for themselves, and to protect their creativity and imagination prior to their entering into secondary education. Hence using music as a vehicle for the human condition, the programme accompanies the children on their voyage of discovery of what it is to be human and how to balance the needs of oneself (individual lessons) with those of society (chamber music training group).


Before coming to the workshop each child works with his teacher. During the workshop they work together with other children and get to experience the joy of playing chamber music together, the feeling of accomplishment and the inspiration of having created a beautiful harmony only possible if you listen to each others while playing.